Saturday, August 2

Film: Man on Wire Click for more info

Inspiring and humorous film about Philippe Petit and his team of international co-conspirators who broke into the World Trade Center, rigged a tightrope across them, and then danced across the hanging wire.

Despite being a documentary there seemed to be plenty of drama and fantasy involved during the telling of the story. The 70's had been recreated more than well enough and the characters were larger than life, clearly demonstrating that the same type of people who would take part in such a stunt are also amazing face to face here on earth too. In fact I'd say the actual wire walking was upstaged by Philippe et al and their passion for the cause.

Although my mind wandered more than a few times (probably due to my level of concentration rather than the film itself) Man on Wire is full of impossible-is-nothing stuff and recommended for those currently needing a bit of encouragement while facing a seemingly insurmountable task.