Saturday, August 23

48 Months, 208 Weeks, 1425 Days

Or in other words, four years.

To be honest I'm struggling as to what to choose for the theme of this, the post dedicated to Radio Shak's fourth birthday. I've done the whole favourites thing and I've also written about why I write what I write. After that there's little to be retrospective about; maybe I should just stick to the typical "I never thought I'd last this long" mantra. Meh, let's see how it goes anyway.

This time last year I was blogging as a way to pass time at work - there, I've finally said it. And so it's not entirely ironic that my output has reduced since I quit; I've actually got better things to do now, plus there's the hard hitting fact that I'm no longer actually getting paid while taking time out from a hard day's slog for a few minutes in which to write.

But whether I have a good reason or not, the content within Radio Shak has suffered somewhat over the past six months. It feels a bit weird to apologise because a) I'm sure you don't care enough, b) I'm sure I don't care enough and c) it's not that important anyway.

The level of quality here has also had its ups and downs - on the one hand I'm always shocked at how bad my writing has been in the earlier years, but then judging by the number of corrective emails I've been receiving after posting lately, it doesn't seem to have improved much really either.

On the other hand, I'm now a fully fledged published writer, so perhaps I've outgrown the whole entire blogosphere? I don't think so - and as it's traditional to mention my ever growing drafts folder during my birthday posts I do so now as proof of my need of this place as an output for my brain.

So no, there'll be no apologies or justifications here, but instead a recognition of the ongoing metamorphosis of this place. I don't think I'll ever truly stop blogging as some of my peers have sensationally (or at least claimed to have) done - there's far too many benefits in keeping this for me to do that, including the all important one of making new friends and relating to people.

At the very least there should be enough here for you to read as a lazy Friday afternoon work time-pass. It's okay, I know where I stand with you guys.

Here's to the next 8766 hours then!