Saturday, August 9

Film: Singh is Kinng Click for more info

Massively hilarious flick about a Sikh chap named Happy Singh, sent to Australia to pick up his misbehaving gang leader cou... you know what? The details don't matter much. Just know that this is one of the funniest films I've seen in the past couple of years, be it from Bolly or Hollywood. I honestly can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.

The film was all about Akshay Kumar, and adds to a series of films that have just been increasing the respect I have for him as an actor. His acting, timing and fun factor were all just spot on, and it was pretty clear from the start that Singh just wouldn't have been the same without him. A nod also goes to Katrina Kaif, but only 'cos she seems to be becoming more and more attractive each time I watch a film with her in it.

The film was well produced too; we were laughing with the script rather than at it and the makers didn't lose the plot too much towards the end. It was good to see them not letting the film fail in other respects after they had clearly nailed the comedy. It was also nice to see Brisbane and the Gold Coast making an appearance in a Bolly flick.

But how meaningful was it all? A lot has been said in the media about how a film like this will bring the Sikh religion and culture to the forefront (this, despite the film clearly stating that it's not making any statement on religion). Unfortunately I have to agree with the sentiment; there's no way one can take a film like this seriously and a part of me wonders even if it could have been offensive.

Still judging by the reaction of the audience, a number of whom were clearly of the faith, Singh was universally accepted as comic gold. Definitely recommended.


  1. went upon your recommendation and .... i'd agree with your review :D

    It's totally hilarious - I can't remember the last time I went to see a movie that I laughed out loud too.

  2. i certainly didnt rate this movie as highly as quite a few of you peeps have. the film i do rate above the recent, relatively mediocre bolly films like SIK, TPTMagic, KismatKonnection etc etc, is Jaane Tu Yaa Jaan na starring Amir Khan's cousin. Oh n I cant believe youve seen BEH already. grrr.

  3. ps your profile view number is pretty low compared to mine. surprising considering i dont even update my blog as regularly as you...

  4. >>Amir Khan's cousin.

    should read Amir Khan's nephew.

  5. Anonymous12:32

    Totally agree with your review, a really funny film. The story line was a bit stupid, but the gags made up for it.