Thursday, August 28

Film: Get Smart Click for more info

I remember how morning telly during the summer holidays sometimes meant Get Smart - I don't really remember much of the show itself but I loved the opening scene with the telephone booth and laughing my little socks off at the goofiness of it all. I just had to watch the remake, perhaps out of some kind of tribute to those times.

But the film version of Get Smart was pretty good in its own right too - most importantly it is seriously funny and I was caught many times laughing out loud at the countless one liners, slapstick and punchlines throughout. The plot is kinda irrelevant in such a film, but there was enough going on in the world of Control to keep those who need a story busy too. The characters were adequately brought to to life too, with both Steve Carell and the increasingly hot Anne Hathaway filling the classic roles well, while the makers didn't slack in their production values either.

In a time where comedy seems synonymous with smut, it's nice to find some good clean and hilarious fun. Recommended.