Monday, August 18

Full Circle

Someone in my family told me a joke over the weekend. It's probably well heard, but it went something like this:

Some guy was being given a tour of Satan's pit. The first thing he noticed was the angels standing at the mouth of the pit, throwing those trying to escape back into the fiery depths.

However there was one part of the area where there were no angels, and further, no-one trying to get out. When asked about this state of affairs, the tour guide replied: "Oh, there? That's where the Pakistanis are. We don't need any guards with them because as soon as anyone tries to get out, we know there'll always be one of their countrymen pulling them back in".

I won't claim to know much about Pakistani politics, but I have been around long enough to observe that a sudden and atypical change in power is something that happens every ten years or so; there were no surprises today, and there probably won't be anymore in the years upcoming.

Whether Musharraf was good or bad for Pakistan, with no common figure to fight and scapegoat I don't see any reason for a coalition government created for mainly that one reason to exist any more. I'm not questioning the intent of any of the people left in power, but there comes a point when even a layman realises that what Pakistan needs is a good 20 years or so of stability, be it under good or bad leadership.

See you all in ten years time then.


  1. Anonymous12:37

    >>I'm not questioning the intent of any of the people left in power

    dont be so polite: anyone with half a brain cell will probably be doing just that! especially since the people in question have left a huge trail.

    I wont post with my id since i've also heard about the dealings of the ISI!

  2. Anonymous21:17

    The governmental system lacks systematic procedural checks against corruption. Pakistan was found on the basis of Islam. I think the government machine needs to "Return to basics" and re-establish Islam as its basis - no harm I think, as they've tried socialism, secularism, democracy, capitalism and more or less every other ism one can think of!


  3. Usman,

    Well you would think that, wouldn't you :).

    On a serious note, as far as I'm aware, Pakistan has always been an Islamic state. At least that's what it says in my uncle's passport. What exactly are you suggesting that they should change?

  4. Anonymous02:13

    " islam as its basis."

    sounds good, no idea what it means though. i think its good to manipulating s incere people and thick people though.

    good luck you west bangladeshis!

  5. Now Nawaz Sharif has threatened to leave the coalition if the Chief Justice is not reinstated within 72 hours. As you said, their opposition of Musharraf was the only thread holding the two former rivals, Sharif and Zardari, together.