Monday, September 24


There's a class of people who can actually read minds. Not literally of course[1], but these folk have such an awareness of themselves, their surroundings and those around them that they are able to see a situation outside of their own bodies and perspective. And since they see themselves as another player on the given platform, they get a global view of a situation and its ongoing development.

And so they know how to run an conversation, equally engaging people or pushing their buttons. They can predict the reaction of a single person or alternatively a larger crowd. In fact, most of the times you talk them you're probably just confirming exactly how they thought the conversation would go anyway.

Sounds like the ideal position to be in, right? Well unfortunately for these people this ability is a curse. Since for the most part they're just going through the motions, interactions with others lack any kind of spontaneity, while conversations become patronising, almost fake as if you're just an actor in a play. And if that is indeed the case, then what does that say about the honesty of these Mindreaders? Can you still be genuine when you're always just "playing along"?

And there are further implications for these complex beings. The only interactions they really enjoy are those with a comparable amount of awareness. Only other like-minded people will be able to test and be tested, surprise and be surprised and engage and be engaged by a Mindreader in a flurry of recursive reflection. You'll often notice a bunch of them huddled in a corner relating or laughing at some joke that works on a level only they understand. It's almost like a secret club.

The logical implication for finding a partner is that if a Mindreader is supposed to choose a partner that they're to be fully honest with, someone who knows them as well as they know themselves, then the only person able to do this would have to be another Mindreader. Otherwise, there'll be (at best) a disparity in the level of involvement or (at worst) manipulation and control by the Mindreader over his other half.

Mindreaders also have a much darker side. Since they know themselves so well, they're also aware of their potential. This has the effect of them believing that they're above all others, that they're part of an elite; it can become pretty narcissistic, and a humble Mindreader is a rare beast.

For some it goes even further. They lose sight of the fact that, at the core, they too are human and are subject to the same flaws that they so easily detect in others; namely that others are totally able to read them too, that they also need love, good communication and can exhibit irrational behaviour and stuff.

But I'm not saying that being a Mindreader is a good or bad thing; no, I'm just observing that they exist. Perhaps they go by another name or something... But what I'm really interested in is how many of you actually know the type of person I'm talking about.

[1] Not that I'm discounting the existence of telekinesis altogether or anything...