Wednesday, September 5

Love - A Commodity?

I reckon that it's totally possible to treat love as a commodity.

By this, I mean treat it as a finite resource that we all have a countable portion of, that we can equally earn more of and squander at the same time.

So we can spend it on people and possibly even things. We can lend it to someone temporarily (and charge a fee for that facility), or gladly give it away for free. Or we can keep taking it off others while offering nothing in return. Between these two extremes, we can vacuously trade it for an equal amount back (although since it's difficult to establish value, that usually doesn't happen).

We can be stingy and horde it and keep it all to ourselves, under our mattresses, never to be used on anyone or anything else. But as with any other commodity, the unused stock we keep has a limited lifespan. Perhaps as it gets older it matures like a fine wine does (or cheese if you want to keep it halal). On the other hand, perhaps the longer it stands unused, the more it rots.

Or we can be the opposite and give it away cheaply to anyone who asks for it, and eventually find that we don't have any left, that we're bankrupt, when we really needed to have some. And if so, then we can steal it and have it stolen too. We can counterfeit it or pretend to own more of it than we actually do. We can promise to give it to someone but then refuse to pay out when the time comes.

Blimey what a soppy post.

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  1. HuH? be warned readers: this is what u get if you ask a self confessed cold heartless freak to 'define what love means'.....