Saturday, September 8

Film: Atonement Click for more info

Based on the book that, apparently, just could not be filmed, Atonement immediately put to bed any fear I had of the novel I had rated so highly two years ago being spoiled by its on screen transition.

It just manages to get everything right. The feel, the themes and the feeling are all there intact. The time jumping style of the book has also been brilliantly recreated with the copious use of enjoyably confusing flashbacks.

Technically the film is wonderful too. A lot of care has been put into the direction and setting - I was especially impressed by wartime France. Acting was good too, with nods to James McAvoy and Saoirse Ronan (who plays a 13 year old Briony), although I must admit having been a bit disappointed with Keira Knightley.

All in all a wonderful film, accessible even to those like me who usually go for things a bit less, well, deep. I'm not sure if it's Oscar material, but these things don't matter - I thoroughly recommend it anyway.

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