Wednesday, September 26

Fall Season 2007

Yep, that's right. Amazingly it's that time of the year again. But first, a recap of last year's television going-ons.

2006 was an unusual year, largely because I was playing catch-up for most of it. Four seasons of Veronica Mars were the main culprits, which was fine because the show was so ace (it's no longer with us unfortunately). But that wasn't all I had to cram in and I still have this year's Family Guy and ER pending. Oh, and I haven't even made a dent into the first season of House.

I've also only just finished Season Six of Smallville too. Yes, you read that correctly: despite my best efforts I found myself totally unable to dump this show. I have no regrets with that though - this season was one of the best which is not surprising seeing how heavily it had been borrowing from Buffy throughout.

Talking of dumping, Entourage and Shark have both died before they even had a chance to begin. Despite both featuring the absolutely lovely Sarah Carter, I just don't have the time (although perhaps I'll keep that single episode of Entourage in which she guests). I tried watching Grey's Anatomy, but it wasn't very good. I'll definitely leave that one for the girls.

The OC came to a natural end this year too (thank heavens), but other than that and Veronica I don't have any more drop outs from my schedule. The only new show joining the rest is Heroes, which isn't actually as good as everyone seems to think it is; think the television equivalent of The Da Vinci Code and you'll have an idea of what it's like. Oh yes, and hopefully there'll be a season of Little House to watch.

So the bulk of my schedule for 2007/08 remains the same as last year: 24, Doctor Who, Lost (which totally redeemed itself last season - and then some), One Tree Hill (they're all grown up now, apparently) and the fantastic Prison Break all await my eager attention.

Happy viewing!