Friday, September 7

Anonymous Comments

One of the more popular requests I get is to allow those of you without Blogger accounts to comment. Well here you go: I've gone and done just that. Don't say I never do anything for you lot.

I only ask you not to abuse the facility. My main fear is the proliferation of advertising spam, but I'm also weary of, well, the more unhelpful comments blogs get. So consider this a test period - I may end up using moderation if things get too hectic (unlikely) or just switching back altogether depending on what actually happens.

It's also worth remembering that, although I may move to take down the really offensive stuff, I'll never touch a comment left by a registered member (whether I know them or not). So if you really want to make yourself heard here without limit, then think about creating an account.

Anyway, have fun commenting - in fact, why don't you all go ahead now, say hi and tell me what you think?