Monday, September 17

Indian Call Centres

You know, I've never had the horrible experience with these that you hear of in the media. Maybe it's because I'm accustomed to the accent, but I like to think it's because I'm a people person with bags of patience. Frankly, if their allegedly clinical and scripted style gets me an answer efficiently then I don't care where they happen to be at the time.

In the latest example of this, I had to call Virgin Media's technical support to query the quite rubbish download speeds I've been getting lately (around 6Mbit/s when I should be hitting 20). As is usual with these things, I make sure the problem isn't with me by doing the necessary research, tests and due diligence required to be confident of such a thing. It saves time and helps you relate to the operator if you already know your side of the script.

And it was nice when they took my number and called me back in order to save on the call charges (a quite unreasonable 20p a minute) and refunded me what I had clocked up already (which I knew I was due but it was nice not to have to ask). They even invited me to party with them in New Dehli once they established I was a) Asian and Gujarati, b) Muslim and c) fasting (and so, presumably, religious or cultured).

So yet another positive Indian Call Centre experience then? Yes, I think so, even though the issue hasn't been resolved fully yet. And this time the operator wasn't even female.