Sunday, September 23

A Dream Final

India versus Pakistan in an international Cricket final. Both teams showing that they're on form and both teams comprehensively beating that benchmark, Australia, in their earlier stages. And when they faced each other in what now seems like many moons ago, they tied (bowl outs aside).

You really couldn't have scripted it any better.

What's more interesting is the way in which each side has reached their respective places in the final. Pakistan have, quite unbelievably, been the balanced and consistent team of the tournament. Each member has been noted for their individual contributions and they've demonstrated a maturity and sportsmanship that belies the fact that they're so new and shiny.

On the other hand, India's performance resembles that of a wedge - they started off on quite shaky and timid ground and have gradually transformed into an almost violent force that's really to be reckoned with. And in some ways they've begun to resemble the English and Australian teams in how they display the passion they obviously hold. I've never seen the team react so loudly on a fall of wicket than I have during the closing stages of this tournament.

The two contrasting styles within this T20 World cup will meet in the final, and as a Pakistan fan I have to admit that I'm a little concerned. What I am sure of is that it's going to be pretty explosive in Johannesburg tomorrow.

One thing I just don't get though: who's brilliant idea was it to hold the final on a Monday at 1pm?


  1. A dream final is finally becoming a reality!


  2. Anonymous10:11

    1-4pm is 5-7pm in Pakistan and 530-830pm in India.

    I think the timing was suited to the subcontinent market and those who were responsible for the scheduling must be rubbing their hands in glee that they've hit the jackpot with a Pakistan India final.

    It's ridiculous. The UK viewing market should be where it's all at.

  3. chak de india!!!!!

    we won! chamon!

    and it was the sa sponsors' idea as it is just in time for the southern hemisphere and the sub-continent and early morning for the desis in the us. moreover it was a holiday in south africa as well. we in england had to lose it- och well, i've downloaded as many highlights as i can! COME ON!!!