Thursday, February 1


I like to think that I'm a well adjusted individual. And by this I mean that I am aware and can usually make sense of myself and what goes on around me. Correctly or not, I can rationalise events, interpret my thoughts and experiences and accept the actions of others as just that. Hence, most things end up making sense in my head. And once I do that, I can put them in the out-tray part of my brain to be filed away as a lesson learned.

However, on some especially rare occasions, I fail to achieve this level of understanding. Perhaps I've just been lucky to have avoided the many complex and unpredictable situations any other person would have normally faced by my age. Perhaps I'm just not used to what others simply describe as life. Whatever the reason, I'm not complaining here: I don't actually mind when I can't process something and as egotistical as I can be I can also accept that, yes, even I can't explain everything that happens around me.

Nevertheless, for someone not accustomed to curve balls they can be very disorientating when they hit. Still, at least these "episodes" make life more interesting than it would be otherwise. I guess being thrown slightly off track from time to time is what makes each of us human.