Sunday, February 11

Super Saturday!

Today was another one of those brilliantly packed and varied days that make you realise exactly how much you can stuff into a single Saturday.

It helps starting the day early though. We arrived at the rink for the 11am-1pm session in order to be done with the ice skating in time for lunch. To that particular end we decided on Nando's and spent a good hour or so munching on chicken. It was all invariantly Collective-birthday-like and I loved it.

I then split from the guys to drop by my brother's place, where a family lunch was going on. I missed the food but caught the people (albeit briefly) so it wasn't a total write off for me. Since there was no food or anything to eat the time was spent just chilling.

Next was home, where remnants of the morning's birthday party joined for some wicked Warioware action. They had to finish off the remainder of their Saturday after an hour or so, which actually gave me some free time before the evening started. And I still had two more things to do!

We had another family do at my uncle's house; it was bigger and with more guests. I stayed for dinner and a bit of a doss (which included technical support for my hosts), and was reluctant to leave since it felt like I was hitting and running. But I had one last thing to do this Saturday.

A couple of uni friends were throwing a bit of a bash to celebrate their engagement. For some reason uni get-togethers seem to be a bit of a rare occasion nowadays so things like these are a must to attend. And it was a nice night out, especially since I got to see the happy couple, most of the gang all in one place and, of course, the inevitable tipsy behaviour. We even had both Snow and Vanilla Ice played. Superb.

Aside from all that, I even managed to get a haircut, not miss a prayer and get all my other Saturday chores out of the way, so I didn't even feel guilt by bedtime. Still, the worst thing about days like these is that they do have to end sometime. At least I get to lie in tomorrow (since I'm not running), so I even get to do the recover-from-the-fake-hangover thing where you take in all the action from the day before. How often do we get to do that?

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