Tuesday, February 6

Things That Pee Me Off #28: Posh Plugs

I'm not quite sure how to explain this one in any way other than pictures so:

They're usually found in posher bathrooms and toilets. They seem innocent enough, right? I mean, how can anyone become upset over a plug and its hole? Well, it's all about how you close them y'see:

If you still haven't figured it out, these plugs are manually swivelled by hand. As in you have to touch them. And if that isn't disgusting enough, remember that, by function, a closed plug would be under a few inches of already used water. And it's even worse when you find a sink (in, say, a shared toilet) with the plug already in since you'll have to wade through someone else's scum to get to it. They obviously decided to do a runner instead of braving the drainage, and you know what? A part of me doesn't blame them.

Euuurgh. What's wrong with a remote lever or button? Even a good ol' chain would be better than this. Ban these things. Now.

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  1. Anonymous15:00

    That is quite disgusting, but why would you want to fill up a public sink anyway?

    And have you ever tried filling up the sink (that already contains some collected water) to its maximum capacity to see if the swivel thing turns automatically from the pressure/weight? It might work on the principle of osmosis and be more high-tec than what it appears at first!