Thursday, February 8

Riding In The Snow

So I'd thought I'd be a bit different and blog about the "worst (or best depending on your viewpoint) snow in ten years". Has it really been that long?

I was taken aback a bit when I saw it this morning. The first thing that struck me was how clean it all was - no dog poo footprints in sight! But hey this was my first time in this new area so perhaps that was just a Leytonstone thing.

I was the first to set foot outside my home and immediately I noticed the sheer amount of it all - I actually sunk a good few inches. Snow just doesn't settle like this in London any more. All in all it felt like three or four, all crunching away under my apparently oh-so-inadequate trainers.

Traffic was as slow as was expected; I gave up waiting for the bus and walked to the station with a friend instead. Car wheels were consistently spinning as drivers stuck to their low speed (correctly) and low gears (incorrectly). They should expect high fuel bills this week.

The Central Line was running a special service due to the weather. For once, this seemed to be to the benefit of us Epping Branchers; we were getting a train a minute, each only half seated. Still, I felt sorry for the Hainaulters who had to change train and cram on to ours at Leytonstone. Poor buggers. It didn't take that much longer than usual getting in.

And now, as I type in the late morning, I see that it's still snowing. A whole new generation are experiencing these conditions for the first time, but whether it has happened before or not I can't remember such continuous and settling snow and it does feel new and different for me too. And all in February! Climate change at its best, eh?


  1. There is absolutely no snow whatsoever in Mancs! humph! :-(

  2. Anonymous14:54

    Frostyyyyyyyyyy the Snowman

    Was a jolly happy sooooooooooooul

    With a corncob pipe and a button noooooooooooooooose

    And two eyes made out of coooooooooooal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!