Sunday, February 18

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Hot Fuzz is an easy going and silly British comedy about a high achieving cop who gets sent to a remote village in order to stop showing up the rest of the Metropolitan Police. While at first he is preoccupied with trivialities, things soon turn interesting as residents suddenly start having fatal accidents...

By the same people who brought you Shaun of the Dead, this is basically more of the same but with the police instead of zombies. As such, the brand of humour is a bit obvious and in your face; a bit of an acquired taste then, although I did laugh more often than not. But then I didn't enjoy this film just 'cos it was funny. The script, acting and production were all fine too.

But, unusually, it was the story that made this film for me. With one of the best turnarounds in years, Hot Fuzz is worth watching just because of its bonkers plotline. I can't really elaborate any more than that without spoiling it, but it's definitely something that will split audiences.

I enjoyed it so yes, I guess I'd recommend this as one to watch.

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