Wednesday, February 21

The Death Of BikiniFairyMan

That's right, it's time. He's going.

Born on the 20th of September 2003, BikiniFairyMan was a result of a friend and I messing around with some new WeeMee service (before they started watermarking their previews, of course). Actually I did first create one that was meant to resemble what I thought I really looked like (I was regularly playing football at the time):

And you can probably see why I didn't stick to it. Since the caricature looked just as boring as the real me did, I decided to start again and this time, go nuts. And so BikiniFairyMan was created:

And he kinda stuck. I very rarely changed my Messenger display picture from him, and whenever a website/forum asked me to choose an avatar it would always have to be BFM; you may have even spotted him in places other than the usual.

But yes, just like it was with the pseudonym Spammy it's time to move on. After only three and a half years of superb service (and it really seems like much, much longer) I'm going to retire the poor fella. I feel that he no longer represents me. Especially at my age. Not that it was particularly suitable in 2003 or anything.

I know some of you love him so I'll leave him up till the end of the week or so for you to say your goodbyes. I'm sure he'll miss you as much as you'll miss him. And for those that hate him, well, I reckon the same thing goes to you lot too.

RIP BikiniFairyMan. It feels like a part of me is leaving forever.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhh poor BFM :''(

    We'll miss him


  2. WHAT?


    I WONT LET YOU!!!!

  3. i the only who thinks "goodbye AND good riddance"?

  4. NNNOOOO! :-( why are you doing this shako! *sigh* things are really moving on for you huh.. i swear there's lots going on in that head of yours recently!
    I love tutu man (what the hell is bikini/fairy man-yuk)! I will miss him.

  5. i take back the creme egg being my favourite post...this wins hands down. Lol, BFM. u blogged him. So cute.