Thursday, June 22


We have an uncle and auntie (my phoopi and phoopa for all you traditional types) staying over from Pakistan for the next billion or so weeks[1]. My phoopa has actually been here before, almost 19 years ago in fact, so the memories of my hanging out with him as an eight year old have come flooding back.

Still, it's going to be strange having these guys over. I mean, the three of us have had people stay over before of course, but phoopi and phoopa are closer than most (they're usually who we stay with when we go over to Pakistan). They're also older, more traditional, less English speaking (I expect my own poo-Urdu to improve over the coming weeks) and are staying for that length of time where people become permanent rather than temporary members of the household.

So yes, things will change for me for the next month or so. Socialising will probably be family- rather than friends-oriented, schedules and timetables will have to be changed and compromises made. But it's not all bad; my room, for example, had been automagically tidied up before they had arrived - I even got brand new bedsheets! Cor blimey.

And I'm not even considering the family of five we have coming over from down-under on Sunday. Now I just can't wait for that.

[1] That's more a comment on us Asians and our extended holidays rather than contempt for these lovely folks in particular.