Sunday, June 11

Taking Drugs

Since developing hayfever symptoms ten or so years ago I've refused to take anything for it. Partly pride but mostly denial, taking medication would have been an implicit admission to having and allergy - which is a bit of a flaw and kinda weak in my eyes; a bit like needing a cup of coffee or tea at regular intervals throughout the day in order to function. I don't need drugs, dammit.

Year after year it's been getting progressively worse though, making me irritable (in both senses of the word), itchy, flushed and snotty during the pollen season. I use and carry more tissue during the summer than the winter, and I've had more than one embarrassing explosive nasal incident on the Tube. It's also a depressing feeling being scared of the Sun like us sufferers are.

My hayfever is different from that of others in that is usually starts and ends early, way before summer is over (possibly something to do with the particular species of pollen to which I'm averse to), and so far I've been able to handle it. Despite this, I feel that the time has come for me to swallow my pride and start taking something (anything!) for my symptoms, since it's not an issue that's gonna go away any time soon. In short, I can't stand it anymore, and I don't care if taking medicine is cheating.

Hopefully my symptoms, and along with it my dread of summer, will vanish soon.


  1. supposedly there is a natural remedy my cousing was telling me about. 4 drops of olive oil in each nostril in the morning and night. He said it eased his syptoms quite a lot.

  2. the runny nose look suits you though