Thursday, June 22

Shak's Choice: Kia Abdullah Click for more info

"Wot, no pics?" I hear you cry. Well no, not this time I'm afraid 'cos, well, I'm not actually sure what Kia looks like. But since she's the author of the recent paperback "Life, Love and Assimilation" (which I'm hoping isn't another Second Gen Brick Teeth yarn, despite the "Asian Writing, Romance" categorisation) I do know that she's able to put a sentence together. I don't need much more than that really, but there is more nonetheless.

She's also of a good disposition (as was proven on the AN this morning) and has some wild out-of-box abstract yet reasonable views. Not only that, but she also studied Computing (and can solve simultaneous equations, normalise databases and, somewhat unfortunately, program in Java) and lives in East London.

To be honest I'm not sure why I'm still sitting here typing.