Friday, June 30

The Guitar Effect

On entering The Mary Ward Centre this evening, I was approached by a weird, random and slightly scary woman:

Weird Random Woman:
Oh Hello! Look: you have a guitar! What class are you attending?
Me, raising eyebrow:
Erm. Well, guitar class.
Weird Random Woman:
Oh. I didn't know this place did guitar classes. How interesting!
Me, backing away slowly, indicating toward various other students that had their own instruments (including other guitarists), hoping that Weird Random Woman would become distracted or even confused by this new revelation, intending on creating a window of opportunity in which to escape:
Yeh. They do most instruments here... Gotta run.

Just goes to show: Women do talk to me now that I carry a guitar. Weird, random and slightly scary women, sure, but women nonetheless. Nice.


  1. i can never understand it when people(guys and girls alike) are flattered(even inwardly) at random people talking to them. it just makes me cringe(not that it happens that often to me). maybe im jealous or something.

  2. EAL ur shak's stalker aren't you?

  3. (u seem alittle annoyed sanny ji? ;-) )

    >EAL ur shak's stalker aren't you?

    boom boom! my secrets out!!!