Sunday, June 4

Crossing Over

There are two main reasons for going to a wedding. The first is because it's a day to celebrate something wonderful involving friends and family. The second, of course, is to go fishing.

Today I went to a wedding. Unlike the other weddings this year I didn't really know this was happening till recently or who the bride and groom were (well actually I did since I had gone to primary school with them, but I think a 15 year gap is enough to make friends strangers again).

I'm not really used to it though. I guess it goes back to the whole lunch club thing and how I can't (won't?) go into a place with that kind of mindset. It's just too weird: "What about her over there?" I'm continually asked. Since I don't know "her". I find it difficult to reply with anything but a diplomatic "She's alright, I suppose".

Anyway, we were there for an hour (a record, I think), and I did manage to catch up with some people whom I hadn't seen for, like, ages. But pleasant as it was, I don't think I'll ever get used to the shopping bit; perhaps that's something that should change?


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  2. my take is this: i think people subconsciously "fish" whether you care to admit it or not - or perhaps i mean just 'look' around / 'window shop'. still. i think given the pak mentality(and moreso a typical girl's family's overprotective nature), guys might be able to want to get to know someone they find attractive, whereas a girl cant. not really anyway. plus, even then, they have to tip toe through intermediaries, since the family might find it offensive if someone just asked for more information regarding their daughter/relative. it sucks!

    still. with recent events in mind(I'm beginning to think bad luck follows me), i have decided i hate mixed weddings in the "community". really. they suck. actually, weddings just suck, plain and simple and today may have been the last one i attend where the bride or groom arent closely related to me.

    >>perhaps that's something that should change?

    it can if you want it to. you might just be afraid of taking things further than just the "she's alright, i suppose" response. and i wouldnt blame you. i think i'd do the same thing.

  3. Anonymous09:35

    Hypothetically speaking, if someone more than 'okay-i suppose' did catch you eye, what would come of it? Just wondering how it works.