Sunday, June 4

Crossing Over

There are two main reasons for going to a wedding. The first is because it's a day to celebrate something wonderful involving friends and family. The second, of course, is to go fishing.

Today I went to a wedding. Unlike the other weddings this year I didn't really know this was happening till recently or who the bride and groom were (well actually I did since I had gone to primary school with them, but I think a 15 year gap is enough to make friends strangers again).

I'm not really used to it though. I guess it goes back to the whole lunch club thing and how I can't (won't?) go into a place with that kind of mindset. It's just too weird: "What about her over there?" I'm continually asked. Since I don't know "her". I find it difficult to reply with anything but a diplomatic "She's alright, I suppose".

Anyway, we were there for an hour (a record, I think), and I did manage to catch up with some people whom I hadn't seen for, like, ages. But pleasant as it was, I don't think I'll ever get used to the shopping bit; perhaps that's something that should change?