Thursday, June 22

The Further Adventures Of Stalker Shak

You know how it is. On a regular commute you're more than likely to become familiar with the fellow passengers who share the same journey with you. This is the case even on The London Underground, where trains are frequent and full. I think it's the little things like leaving the house at the usual time, or standing on the same spot on the platform that does it.

Anyway (this blog will get interesting, promise), as usual I have a stalkee; that one girl on my route whom I think is RELLY BUFF, LOL, and makes the commute into work that much easier to bear. Who said stalking wasn't practical?

I've been a bit worried recently as I hadn't seen Victoria for a while - eleven days to be precise[1]. Thinking she had, perhaps, changed her job or country (or even, gasp, platform spot) I was just about getting over her (or quickly finding a new girl to obsess over. Whatever) when who should I bump into on the way home, but she. "Woot!" I thought, "I should say hi before I lose this chance FOREVER!". Although in retrospect that last bit may have been a bit overdramatic, espeically seeing as it's not a guy's job to make the first move anyway. Moving on.

Of course, all of my plans turned to dust when I saw the oh-so-obligatory guy that she was with. Six foot I think, and one of those types that would always have a girl (or three) like that on his arm (to be fair there was no evidence that they were an item, but I feel it's always best to assume the worst with these kind of things). She was looking good by the way. Sigh, indeed.

So, faced with this situation I did the only thing left for me to do. Whipping out my DS.Lite, I immediately settled down to play some New Super Mario Bros. I mean, who needs a girl when you have videogames? I actually managed to complete World Seven. I think it's my favourite world out of the eight; something to do with the natural "flow" of the levels in it. It really is a good game.

[1] I'll spare telling you the hours, minutes and seconds.