Sunday, June 4


It was yet another uni mate's engagement party last night. The venue was The Velvet Room, Jewel Bar in Piccadilly. Now I don't usually go to bars and clubs, but when it's important I do and furthermore in this case I hadn't yet met the fiancee so I thought it was justifiable enough.

I can't remember the last time I went to a bar, but I must admit I'm still not sure I get them. Tonight the music was painfully (literally, and my ears are still ringing) loud and my throat was sore from shouting (and I have karaoke tomorrow!). Others seemed happy to spend up to eight quid per drink (cripes) and were having a good time dancing and joking around, so I'm sure it's just me being grumpy and old and grumpy. Give me a nice dinner or house party any day.

Still, there were plenty of fitties around so it wasn't that bad. It was also great to finally meet the fiancee after the 18 or so months I had known of her (and frankly, the fact that anyone from IC can attract someone like her means that there is hope for the rest of us grads who are currently single. Woot).

The best bit? Well thanks to Berwick Street I even managed to catch my Maghrib and Esha on time. Three cheers for convenience, eh?


  1. Definitly old and grumpy.. and OLD.. live a lil shaksta!

  2. excuse me! wasnt happy to spend that much cash- that's how much it was! but what a brilliant night! got home at 430!!