Wednesday, January 11

Yes, I Said "Almost-Rishta"

I was already late for the cake cutting (well, if it's actually possible to be late for a Khan event in the first place) when I was instructed not to go anywhere by mother dearest and her female sibling till we had received a phonecall from a party unknown to me.

Apparently it was supposed to be from the family of a potential rishta that they had just found out about circa fifteen minutes earlier. It seems that I was the only one present who thought it a bit short notice, unfair on either party (I had a stain on my kurta for heaven's sake) and a Pretty Bad Idea overall. But hey, I stayed put anyway.

And guess what? After waiting thirty minutes for the call the girl's side agreed that it was a bit quick to cut and that another date would probably be better. Oh and they also mentioned something about the girl herself not being home (No way. On Eid? Really? Perhaps she was digging into a chocolate cake at the time like I was supposed to be doing).

Ok I admit that it was a tiny bit fun waiting for the call, but I did have existing plans to go out too. I guess it all panned out in the end, but despite having zero experience with this stuff, even I know that giving thirty minutes for preparation is asking a bit too much (or should that be "too little"?). The other side probably thought we were all well desperate. Or weird. Or both.

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