Friday, January 6

Link(s) Of The Day

Katie Holmes Has Doubts About Marring Tom Cruise

Cruise, Holmes run into familial troubles

Holmes' turbulent Christmas with Cruise

I'd say that I did warn her, but now's not the time to be smug. I'm telling you, the sooner women start listening to me, the better for them it'd be.

Fortunately for Katie I'm a forgiving person.


  1. shes just a hormonal pregnant lady, she'll get over it

    the wedding will happen

    i bet you your ds it will :D

  2. Well as recent statistics have confirmed, most family arguments take place over the xmas period (thats if ur celebrating it) so i think theres nothing much to worry about.

    But Cruise is sure a weird guy, apparently she will be having a 'silent birth' due to his and her new belief in scientology! I mean wtf? wonder if they had a silent conceiving too.

    Isn't Tom a bundle of joy!