Monday, January 23

Gay Muslims

Typical Channel Four sensatiodoc which didn't really give the topic justice. It's a shame, since the high potential of the programme could be seen at times and with a bit more effort and honesty it could have been a good show.

My favourite "character" was Shakir (the who also had his parents on) as his story seemed the most real. The rest were either too extreme, with purpose or polarised to be of any interest.

So no, nothing in it really educational or eye opening. Oh, although it was surprising when I found out it was Sonia Deol narrating - for someone who listens to her show everyday it's pretty bad that I couldn't recognise her on the telly.

EDIT: Since posting this, I've received a comment linking me to I can't say that I agree with all of what is said there, but my thoughts do generally run with it. It also gives the topic far more attention than the C4 doccy did (and indeed myself could), and provides various further links and resources discussing gay muslims. Check it out if you're bothered.


  1. glad i've missed it then

  2. Was Shakir the guy from 'oop north'? The one who was caught between the Muslim community and the gay community, unhappy with one because they wanted him to supress everything and the other because they wanted to overdo the 'outness' (for want of a better term)?

  3. There is a detailed post about the programme (and wider issues) at the following blog: