Friday, January 20

Windows Live Messenger*

I'm sure I'm not special or unique so if I have it I'm sure that you all can too. For those that can't be bothered, here's what's new in Messenger 8.0:

  • Searchable contacts. At last! What ICQ had since it's initial versions, MSN finally gets. I can't find a keyboard shortcut to get to the search box, but once you're there you just have to type the first few letters of a name to find it.
  • Timestamps in conversations. Again, long overdue. At last I can say "dont deny it. you said so at 22:35" and not have to guess the time.
  • Offline messages. The third unoriginal, yet feature very much missed in previous versions. Does what it says on the tin... At least I assume so since I've no one to test it with.
  • Folder sharing. Just drag a file or folder into a contact and it'll be placed in a shared, automatically synchronised folder. Something new (at last), yet still to be tested.
  • A swanky updated interface. With automatically expanding contacts. Which feels like you're trawling though treacle. Actually the whole app now seems a bit sluggish.
So yeh, all in all a nice upgrade, albeit not one that deserves a brand new name, especially since other clients have had the most welcomed features for years already. Still, I'm not complaining.

*Or how to gloat when you have a new IM client that no one else does

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