Sunday, January 8

Film: Match Point Click for more info

Deliberately long drama largely about a man and his infidelity. Chris is charming young up and coming kinda guy who manages to land himself a rich wife. However this isn't enough for our Chris, who then chooses to cheat on her with Nola, his brother in law's fiancee.

Typical adultery plot lines follow (and indeed fill most of the film) but overall it's worth watching to see how it's all acted out. I'm trying to figure out whether Rhys-Meyers is a good actor or not, but he seems to do good enough here. The rest of the cast are pretty good too playing a upper class English family and American mistress respectively wonderfully.

But it's the ending which makes this film different from other ones about the same topic. Twisty and misleading, it's nothing less than what you would expect from a Woody Allen writing. Good stuff.