Sunday, January 8

Post, Post-Sales

Took yet another trip to the sales today (fully aware that I seem to be becoming a fully fledged shopping addict). The main reason I went was to see if I could get any of my recent Gap purchases price corrected (a policy that they refused to honour last year), but I also managed to snag:

  • A grey casual blazer thing
  • A brown zip up hoodless hoodie (erm...)
  • A blue and black stripey cashmere blend top (which I had been after since the beginning of the sales)
  • A woolen brown scarf (bargain of the day, costing under a fiver)

All for the grand total of 49 quid. I also got a tenner back due to the corrections (which isn't bad going considering I had spent 50 in that previous visit), and have decided to return a pricey stripey jumper to Next now that I have this cheaper Gap one.

Confused? I am too. All in all this sales season I've bought: a blazer, four tops, two trousers and a scarf all for a smidge over 100 quid, 90% of which was from The Gap.

1 comment:

  1. now you have no excuse for always wearing the same old clothes!