Saturday, January 14

It's Yer Birthday

I had a birthday party to attend this evening. Now that's not particularly spectacular (although it was a fun party) in itself but what I noted was how some guests were married and had brought their kids; the birthdayee herself brought her son too.

Why is that interesting though? Well most of my friends are single. The long and short of it is that hanging around with single people (both older and younger than I am) kinda helps me fool myself into thinking I'm where I'm supposed to be and not falling behind in any particular aspect of my life. Seeing people of the same age with families and other achievements, like I did today, comes as a bit of a rude awakening.

On the other hand this was bowling party, with dinner involving water pistols, food-playing-with and even people crawling under tables at one point. And none of this enacted by myself, I hasten to add. So, at least I now know that any possible lack of maturity I might have is well placed. Woohoo!


  1. why should it matter if other people have families etc? you start a family when you're ready not when your mates have decided to start one.

  2. sounds like a fun party :)