Friday, May 27

Where The Hell Is The Isle of Man?

Y'know, bank holiday weekends are way too rare. What's worse is that I have this silly knack of wasting them doing, well, nothing. But at last I've managed to plan something relatively useful with the last one this year till August.

I've "only" been to the IOM thrice before (which is quite a lot, considering), but quite strangely it's one of those places that I have quite vivid memories of.

It's weird 'cos since then I've been every five years or so, and each trip serves as a snapshot of my life growing up - it's quite amusing to contrast the Shaks of varying ages. The first time I went was with my brother, just the two of us, while I was in primary school. I think it was our first flight alone and although it's only down the road it was quite exciting to be so independent. The second time I was with family but a veteran Island traveler. The third time I went alone.

Anyway, totally looking forward to hanging out with the family I have there (as well as trying out their new trampoline. Woot). Yup, having family in the IOM is another example of how messed up we are: I'm guessing most can't even point it out on a map...

(For those that don't know, The Isle of Man lies somewhere in the Irish Sea, between Liverpool and Ireland. So there you go.)