Saturday, May 7


I had the first day of my first aid course run today. Although long (nine to five!) it was well worth it, and we learned all the usual suspects like mouth to mouth, the recovery positions and the like.

Amongst the main new concepts I picked up were regarding assessment, personal safety and communication - pretty obvious once we thought about it, yet would have probably been ignored if we hadn't been told.

But yes, the course is brilliant so far and I thoroughly recommend St John's Ambulance and our instructor, Winston (who happens to be a crazy guy). In fact I think I'm enjoying this more than Acting Class - although that could just be the hindsight effect talking. Either way you can be sure that you and any pretty strangers are now safe in my hands.


  1. I'm not one to boast, but i was a qualified first aider at the (tender!) age of 15-16ish(cant remember exactly) :)

    What i found quite scary/worrying was the fact that if i had to ever do the resuscitation(sp?) thing on someone in real(i vaguely remember that you had to open and check what was in the victims mouth right..(and remove gum, false teeth etc :S))...

    it gave me a great sense of pride and responsibilty at the same time too though. back then..our next door neighbour had an accident with his bike and i did rush out yknow. (im trying to imagine mother/father deary watching me do the mouth2mouth on a male(if i really had to..) hehe)

  2. responsibility.

  3. So you going to always carry around one of those tubes you can use for mouth-to-mouth or do it the old fashioned way? Or will it depend on who needs help? :-D

  4. I did on ethese courses at work a while ago, and I'm now the h&s officer for my area! I've only had one call, my bosse's boss, he passed out or something in abother building. Luckily, by the time I got there, he'd already been taken to hopsital.