Sunday, May 1

On The Menu

First, what I had prepared:

  • Chicken Biryani
  • Keema
  • Kebabs
  • Pastries

I say prepared, but I shall fess up and admit that I only technically cooked the Bryani and pastries (both were oven ready from the Kitchen of Mum) while everything else was zapped.

Cooking aside, throwing a dinner party is blummin' exhausting. And I had help from bhajis (serving and making tea) and bhabis (washing up, despite having used paper plates). I guess it's times like these when you start to appreciate the others who do all the small things. I so need a wife/cook/maid.

Entertainment-wise, we had Episodes 1 and 2 to watch on the projector, but due to late starts they kinda dragged, and we lost a few people on the way. But I think everyone was comfortable while they were there.

After the guests had left (at 3:30am) it took me another hour to clean up and stuff, and even now there are things left to do. I guess I was lucky in that the guests weren't really guests (sorry, but you weren't) and so liberties were probably taken by me (see bhabis washing up, above), but baby steps and all that. I want to actually cook something (you know, like from scratch and everything) next time, but overall it was pretty successful.