Tuesday, May 10

Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee

I just finished the first episode. I thought it was pretty good and definitely adds to the growing list of recent Asian telly that doesn't make me want to throw a brick at the telly. It was atypical in that it had non-stereotyped, yet strangely familiar, characters, a gripping storyline and enough laughter and variety to keep our attention in between. And of course it being set in my yard gave it bonus points.

Either Asian media is evolving, or I am (most probably both are). I can't wait till the second of the three parts next week, and the book will definitely be read by me sometime in the future.

And finally I have to mention that I don't think that I've seen Laila Rouass any hotter than she was today - and unless I'm mistaken, I'm sure that she's work done on her teeth...