Friday, May 6

New Music

DT is finally back up, and thus so is the main source of my music:

Tauba Tauba - Kaal

It seems that I've not picked a filmi song for a while now, so here's a nice poppy cheesy one that's made my playlist. Decent track, but I already feel myself becoming bored of it; but hey, it reminds me of Esha so it's all good.

Tharti Hildi - Angrez Ali Ft. G Money

Who the heck is Aman Hayer? This whole Bhangra taste I'm acquiring is also an education for me. Anyway, I think this is my pick of today's batch, taken from Hayer's Groundshaker album. Tune.

Tappe 2K5 - XLNC Ft. HMC

Another Bhangra track. Someone help me. Please. Before it's too late. I mean I'm already thinking of buying a Honda Accord...

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