Saturday, May 21

Film: Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith Click for more info

Yes, alright, so I didn't really watch it on Thursday morning. Not that anyone cared if I had, but anyway...

Conceptually, ROTS is a weird one. Most of knew exactly how it was going end, yet the anticipation for this concluding (or middle?) chapter seems to be more than was for the other two prequels. It can't just be fandom; even the less SW crazy of us are mad for Episode 3, it seems.

Still, the film manages to give exactly what we want in terms of action and adventure, and more surprisingly also delivers something I've not seen in the others - emotion. Buckets of it. Yes, you know Anakin will fall, and yet when he does you're angry at him and ultimately yourself for not seeing it coming. We've seen more of the Galactic Empire than the Old Republic, and yet it's still shocking to see its rise. It's all very strange.

So yes, I enjoyed it. More than the last two? I'm not sure. The thing is 1 and 2 both delivered new concepts, characters and detail to the SW universe. ROTS doesn't do this, instead acting as a bridge between the old and new worlds. ROTS does this perfectly and ultimately is a worthy addition to the franchise and so I'll choose the easy way out and not say it's any better or worse than them - just different, and further perhaps one just for the SW fans.

So yes, go watch. And make sure you keep a look out for the Millennium Falcon...