Thursday, May 12

Link Of The Day

Mall bans shoppers' hooded tops

Someone being proactive in listening to what people want? I never saw that coming. What I do expect is for this to be taken to the European Court of Human rights by some enterprising "chav", and worse still, them winning.

Still it's a shame. By baseball cap days are over, but that's not what makes a youth troublesome. Of course this isn't really about what people might wear but it'll be interesting to see whether this thing can be enforced or not or if it even spreads to other places...


  1. nnnoooo.. no hoodys?? :-(( thats just not on man! How does not wearing a baseball cap make some-one behave less anti-socially? That's just plain rubbish, maybe these Kent police need to be assesses the other more serious issues!

  2. I really hope it doesnt get enforced. Freedom to dress, express oneself etc.

    The only concern is ones identification on CCTV camera. Couldnt the same be said about women who cover their faces with a niqaab?

    Sure hope this doesnt get enforced. Yobbish behaviour isnt down to the way one dresses.

  3. what!! no way!!

    i love my hoody tops