Tuesday, April 5

Shak's Choice: Sarah Carter

I defy any fan of Smallville to disagree with me on this one:

Now I realise that I'm quite the simple lad, but I'm pretty certain that it isn't just the boots which Alisha, her character in Smallville, wears. I mean she's undoubtedly pretty, petite and, well, hot, but I reckon it's actually her mixture of innocence, mischievousness and murderous tendency that gets the blood flowing. After all, what's more sexy than a psychotic imbalance? Well apart from a psychotic imbalance while wearing boots, of course...

Like I mentioned on The Collective they should so make a box set full of the episodes in which she features. Hell, they should give her her own show. I would so watch that.


  1. Sexy, Psychotic Imbalanced Female wearing boots and a cowboy hat....nothing else!!
    Now that's a well painted picture!

  2. Shak doesn't half seem to like them bland-looking!

  3. >>Shak doesn't half seem to like them bland-looking!

    she is quite a babe actually ;op

  4. Your taste in women is deteriorating, dude. She really doesnt do it for me. Take Kristin - i would understand your infatuation but her? Her character is well annoying. I hope they kill her off soon.

    Btw, Jason.

    Jason(google for pics: Jensen Ackles) - he is overtaking Tom Welling& H.Roshan. Totally hot and lovable. (LSD keep your opinions to yourself on this one! )