Wednesday, April 13

Shakil Shaikh: Political Commentator

I spent this morning as part of an invited audience taking part in one of three national debates being held by the BBC Asian Network radio station, specifically the Sonia Deol Show. It was regarding the upcoming UK General Election, and despite not being particularly politically motivated myself, I thought it would be nice to attend and see what was happening anyway.

And it wasn't that bad. The debate itself was pretty standard fare; that is the respective party candidates slagging each other off and not really discussing the issues. I didn't really participate much since the regular topics of immigration and the Iraq war are well trodden in my opinion and so I didn't really have much to add. I did get to ask my question towards the end though, regarding the reasons for the current level of apathy in the electorate, and was relatively satisfied with the answers I received.

Apart from the discussion itself, it was also nice meeting Sonia Deol and the crew which support her that until today I only knew by name. I've always known that the show wasn't just about Sonia herself, but it was still fascinating seeing the behind-the-scenes work and effort being put in to get the show on air as well as how close the team were. They made it look so easy and like so much fun, I can't believe it's as hard as it probably is.

So yes, an interesting morning overall and one I'm definitely glad I took part in. Till next time? Totally.