Sunday, April 17

Marathon Man

There are times I regret not having started a blog earlier. My experiences with graduation, Hajj and Bollywood Star, for example, are some things I would have loved to have put down on paper, but didn't. Instead I have to wait for a reason to bring them up.

Today is the 25th Flora London Marathon. As I type, the medium pace runners are crossing the finishing line as I also did this time last year. It's a very surreal experience and to be honest it's the training that lingers in my head rather than the day itself which was just a blur.

Despite the many appreciated pre- and post- race good lucks and congratulations, I think only a few people really know what my run had meant to me: those that met me at the finish line and witnessed the physical and emotional wreck I was when I had crossed it. There's only been a few times in my life that I've been close to tears and that was certainly one of them (but don't worry, I stepped up. Growl).

Although I've sworn never to run it again, the race did change me in a way which may draw me again to the event. It really is a life changing deal. I'm sure there would have been much more for me to say, had I written my thoughts down straight away, but the London Marathon of 2004 was definitely one of the best days of my life.

Which reminds me - I've got to call a guy I met on the day to reminisce...

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  1. excellent post- it has real conviction. good stuff.