Friday, April 1

Phone For Sale

It what is a complete turnaround, I've decided to get rid of my fabulous new D500. After using it for a week, the cracks have begun to show. Amongst other things:

  1. The fact that it displays the surname first in the phone book.
  2. A quite crappy GPRS implementation (but admittedly better than the rest bar Sony Ericsson's).
  3. A crap WAP browser.
  4. The inability to add newly received numbers to an existing contact.
  5. The killer: Not being able to set it to vibrate and ring at the same time. I mean wtf?
All trivial things and stuff I can live with if I wanted to. But that's the point - these are all things that shouldn't be a problem after so many generations of mobile phones. They could also all be fixed in firmware, but I doubt any will be due to the previously mentioned arrogance of these phone manufacturers.

So yes, I'm running back to SE with my tail between my legs. For all their flaws, none are as annoying as the one the Sammy has. The phone I'm waiting for is the K750i, and hopefully if I sell the D500 soon I'll have enough funds to buy it outright.

Still, I should be grateful that I have so few problems in my life that I need to screw about a phone. I guess that's some consolation, but I still think that the D500 is poo.