Friday, April 1

Book: China A Macro History, Ray Huang

Who woulda thought it would be so hard finding a decent book about Chinese History? I must have spent an hour in the SOAS library searching for one, and the best I could find was this.

The author himself warns the reader that this isn't really a conventional history book and would focus on causal issues rather than timelines and facts. Nonetheless, it did present to me what I wanted, that is the events and facts of the region in a good enough chronological order, although I did have to dig past the commentary to find it.

It was generally hard to read and pretty dry, and although I recognise that is in the nature of the genre, history has been more accessible (to me, anyway) in other books. Unless you're after what this book specifically provides (and it's a very good book if so), I'd advise you to look elsewhere.