Sunday, April 10

A Death In The Family

Just heard about the death of my gran in Pakistan. Isn't really appropriate to play videogames so since that leaves the PC I thought I'd get a blog in instead. And please no, it's not meant to be therapeutic...

I've only known her in Pakistan although she had come to visit us here once many moons ago. The distance and frequency with which I saw her (every two to four years or so) probably made me not as close to her as I am, say, to my maternal grandparents, but I do keep fond and dear memories of her and for me a part of my Pakistan experience is now gone.

She's really the first in my family to die - after 26 and a bit years I've been lucky enough to not have to experience any other passing. I guess I've also been prepared for this particular event; for those of you that don't know, my Dadi has been both quite ill and old recently. But for a first taste of death I think I'm handling it ok. I'm more sombre than upset, and I feel for my dad and his siblings more than I do for myself.

I'm not too sure how I'm supposed to be feeling to be totally honest. Perhaps it hasn't sunk in yet, or perhaps this is how I personally handle death (which seems to be pretty understated compared to what I've seen in others). Perhaps each person involved will invoke a different response in me or perhaps it'll hit me on my next trip to Pakistan? The most probable answer is all of the above. I guess we'll see.

I ask God to make her passing an easy one and to grant her entry to the highest level of Heaven.