Friday, January 14


Well I liked it anyway. As a film of fiction it was really good, and kept me gripped, engaged and feeling for all the characters till the end. Much kudos to all that brought it to the screen. I didn't even have to chuck anything at the telly this time...

But as a naive and insular Londoner, can someone tell me if this is what it's like up North? 'Cos it's a totally different world to the one I belong to and so I can't really comment on how accurate or fair this portrayal was.

If it was accurate... Well I'm glad I wasn't raised in the sticks.

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  1. i didnt find it gripping, not at all. although its supposed to be a true representation of those living keithly(?), i did feel it was more in line with what i thought of east is east - in that others(non asians especially) would find this alien east v west culture clash amusing to watch.

    and like i said elsewhere. was anyone else left thinking "what exactly is the point of this film"?