Saturday, January 29

Cold Callers

Y'know I sometimes enjoy getting cold calls. Whether they're sales people, surveyors or prank callers[1], I'm always up for a random natter. Maybe it's 'cos I know how to end the call before I get annoyed, or perhaps it's 'cos I'm bored most of the time, I don't know.

Anyway I got a call from some telly broadcasting survey company today. The girl on the line was Asian, and since I was only watching a football match (i.e. nothing too important) I thought: "Wahay, I've something to do for five minutes".

But it turned out that she wanted to talk to someone between the ages of 18 and 24. After a brief moment I realised that there was no one in my house of that age let alone me and when I told her that she thanked me and hung up. And here I am, left feeling old and dejected, while some other 24 year old bored guy gets to talk to her instead. What a gyp.

[1] Many years ago I kept a prank-calling-girl on the line for a good ten minutes. Obviously whoever put her up to it (and although I had my suspicions I never actually found out who that was) didn't realise exactly how rare for me any call, let alone one from a girl, was; I wasn't exactly about to let this one go so easily. She eventually hung up on me, probably 'cos I was running up her One2one bill (this being in the time before inclusive minutes). Which was a shame actually 'cos she sounded kinda fit.