Sunday, January 23

Film: Closer Click for more info

Pretty, flirty, sexy, promiscuous and everything in between I found this film wonderful. Acting as if it just got off the stage, the film is beautifully delivered to its audience; amongst other things it was shot well, using tried and tested set pieces and cinematographic devices instead of anything adventurous (and potentially spoiling), had a fab plot and minimised the irrelevancies. But what makes this film is its characters.

Strong, varied, interesting, complex, yet superbly flawed the four protagonists are amongst the most real I've ever seen on film. Don't misunderstand - I doubt that there are many people like them in real life, but that doesn't matter; I believed these four. They were living in London, they were saying these things to each other, they were feeling what they said they were feeling. I guess what I'm describing here is their depth, of which they had buckets.

Portman stole the show again but only just, with the rest doing a great job too. Yes, even Jude Law. But then he did play a tosser in the film so it was probably easy for him.

Definitely recommended.