Sunday, January 16

Southall (Or How The A406 Blows)

Fcuking traffic. It took us 45 minutes to get as far as what usually takes 15. Now we're not a proud bunch, so we turned around to look for fun closer to home. How we fell though; Kebabish for lunch followed by DAYTIME Poker at one of the regular venues. Ah, but we did go to Green St to pick up dinner as a release for some of the pent up frustration after being denied Southall.

Still, maybe it was a good thing. We've now decided to go on a Saturday instead, and earlier than we did today. Plus, unlike today, the girls will have a chance to join us then too. And finally today wasn't written off and I reckon we had as much fun as we woulda anywhere else. Just goes to show, I guess.