Saturday, January 15


Last night I went to a talk by David Shayler. Some of you may have heard of him already, but if not a quick google will bring you up to speed.

Now apparently he didn't tell us anything new or exclusive; anyone who follows the BBC website woulda known all that he said. However, it was still worth going (mainly 'cos I wasn't clued up on the facts myself) and it was presented well. There was a good turnout too.

After I also went for dinner after with a few of the attendees. I only knew one of eight, but the crowd was really good and made me realise that there are actually interesting people with my mindset right here in London: from the girl who was in Risk IT (like me) to the filmmaker who worked on the last Harry Potter movie to the Genetics PhD student and everything in between, all Muslim. I guess what I've been told is true - these people are out there, you just gotta look for them.